UISFL 2016-2019 Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Language and Culture Studies:  Integrating Faculty and Curriculum Development
Hosted by Asian Studies Development Program
The China Project

Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Language and Culture Studies:
Integrating Faculty and Curriculum Development

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Project Overview

This 3-year consortium project will help establish and accelerate the integrated development of undergraduate Chinese area and language studies at two community colleges, a small liberal arts college and a mid-sized state university that are representative of American, undergraduate-focused higher education. Interdisciplinary teams of six faculty members will commit to the project—a total of twenty-four faculty members, including language instructors from each of the four partner institutions.

The project is designed to produce five primary outcomes:

Outcome I:  significantly expanded Chinese area studies course offerings and enrollments in consortium schools

Outcome II:  improved Chinese language instruction on each consortium partner campus, including expanded upper division language course offerings and enrollments

Outcome III:  the develop of new Chinese or Asian studies certificate or focus awards at each community college and Chinese or Asian studies minors at the 4-year campuses

Outcome IV:  new or significantly expanded China-focused student study abroad programs at each of the consortium partner schools

Outcome V:  expanded Chinese area studies and language curricula at Minority-Serving Institutions and Community Colleges

These project outcomes will be achieved through a carefully orchestrated series of activities, including: 2 interdisciplinary two-week Summer Seminars; 12 interdisciplinary Core Course Workshops and Mentoring Sessions, 3 on each campus over the course of the project; a consortium-wide Language Pedagogy Workshop for language teachers and campus coordinators; a Field Seminar in China  designed to assist consortium institutions develop, expand or enhance student study abroad in China; and a consortium-wide Lessons Learned Conference that will facilitate sharing of project insights and

Head of a Bodhisattva; Tang dynasty, 710, China;      materials among the consortium members.

Sandstone with pigment; Sculpture; Photo credit: