UISFL 2016-2019 Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Language and Culture Studies:  Integrating Faculty and Curriculum Development
Hosted by Asian Studies Development Program
The China Project

Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Language and Culture Studies:
Integrating Faculty and Curriculum Development

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Project Objectives and Purposes

This project will enable each of the partner institutions to develop Chinese studies programs suited to their particular student bodies and local communities through intensive collaboration with ASDP and the other members of the consortia. Each of the consortium partner institutions will commit to three years of involvement, including supporting 5-person teams of faculty to attend the two Summer Seminars and 3-person teams to participate in the Field Seminar and Lessons Learned Conference, as well as hosting annual Core Course Workshops on their campuses. As a result of their participation, each of the four institutions will be able to launch a new and integrated Chinese or international studies program.

In addition to overall increases in the quality of Chinese language instruction through nearly 30 hours of pedagogical mentoring and the direct expansion of Chinese area studies offerings, the project will result in:

  • collaborating institutions developing, as appropriate, a certificate or minor degree program in
Chinese studies organized around a two-course core curriculum designed during the Summer Knotted Dragon Pendant; Eastern Zhou dynasty; 3rd BC     Seminars and Core Course Workshops
China; Jade; Photo credit:  www.metmuseum.org            

  • measurable expansions of Chinese cultural content in a range of humanities and social science courses as faculty participants each draft a minimum of 2 multi-week course modules that can be introduced into existing undergraduate courses, resulting in the substantial revision of 10 courses over the course of the project

  • significantly expanded working relationships among Chinese language instructors and humanities and social sciences faculty, fostering language learning across the curriculum, greater language course enrollments, and heightened interest in Chinese area studies among both faculty and students

  • cohesive groups of faculty members on each of the participating campuses who are committed to working collaboratively in developing and improving Chinese language and area studies

  • institutional plans for developing China-focused study abroad programs for students and faculty members.